GeoThermal HVAC System

GeoThermal Heating & Cooling in Richmond, Kentucky

GeoThermal HVAC is a revolutionary way to heat and cool your interior environments using the earth’s naturally stable temperature from deep under the earth.

While there are a few different types of GeoThermal system designs available depending upon the topography and size of property you have to work with, a typical GeoThermal installation includes boring ventilation pipes 150 feet or so down into the earth until a cool and balanced temperature is found. Pumps then circulate that stable air to create a balanced temperature to either bring colder or hotter air into your interior. Using the earth’s naturally stable and pleasant temperature to condition the air in your home saves a lot of money over time in electricity and natural gas costs.

Money Saving Heating & Cooling Winchester KY

If you are a family seeking to leave a smaller carbon footprint behind, you may be interested in investigating what it would take to get a new GeoThermal system installed. 

If you are considering building a house, a GeoThermal HVAC system in Winchester might be a great fit for your new home.

If you want to save money on your energy bill over time, a GeoThermal Air Conditioner in Richmond might be just what you need.

GeoThermal Heat & Air

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We would love to answer all of your questions related to GeoThermal solutions, and would be happy to tell you about other energy efficient, modern approaches to HVAC like high velocity HVAC systems, ductless mini-split HVAC, and other possibilities you can investigate when it comes to meeting your heating and cooling needs.

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