Furnace & Heater Maintenance

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Heater Maintenance Richmond KY

Our team of professional HVAC technicians in Richmond have seen it all when it comes to heaters and furnaces in need of maintenance or repair. If it’s been long than a year, it’s time to give your furnace a check up.

We recommend seasonal maintenance of your entire HVAC system at least twice a year – one in the spring to check the AC and again in the fall to check the heater.

Furnace Inspection Winchester KY

Whether you have a gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump, hybrid heat or other type of heating system, regular maintenance is an important part of HVAC health.

You want your furnace and heating system to perform well. Doing so will not only keep your home heated comfortably – it will also save you money on your heating bill to have a furnace or heating system running efficiently.

Professional Furnace Maintenance by Licensed HVAC Technicians

Proper furnace check ups are important to keeping your system running at optimum performance when you need it most. Don’t get caught in a Kentucky winter without a working heater! Have our friendly HVAC pros give your furnace a look with our famous Thirty Point HVAC inspection.

Heater Tune-Up Richmond KY

If there’s a problem with your furnace or if you’re in need of a furnace repair, we will tell you. Additionally, we will clean your system, check your electronics, replace any filters that need it and much more. That’s standard with all of our heater maintenance of furnace tune-ups.

Maintenance is important whether you’re using heat in a traditional HVAC system or if you have one of the newer GeoThermal or High Velocity systems.

Trust your furnace maintenance to the heating and cooling professionals at Richmond KY heating and cooling. We won’t let you down, and we’ll have your furnace pumping out the heat when you need it. Call for heating service or a free quote at 859-413-3700

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