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New Furnace Richmond KY

Like any machine, over time your furnace is going to wear out and need to be replaced. We understand buying a new furnace is an investment you aren’t taking lightly as a homeowner, and we want you to know we understand that at Richmond KY Heating & Cooling. We understand the comfort and security of your home is a high priority for you, and would like to provide you with the best possible new furnace solution for your space.

Gas Furnace or Electric Furnace?

Like your air conditioning system, your furnace and heating system isn’t something you spend a lot of time thinking about until it’s not working properly. Most of our customers aren’t aware of how furnace systems work and many aren’t aware of best practices when it comes to furnace maintenance. We understand a little education is needed when it comes to the big decision of installing a new furnace in Richmond or a new furnace installation in Winchester. Give us a call and we will review all the options with you at 859-413-3700

Gas Furnace

Natural gas is a great resource to take advantage of for heating your home or commercial property. A gas furnace uses forced air to heat your home in Kentucky. A gas furnace is a great solution to save energy and cut down on the heating bill in Richmond. The low cost of natural gas as fuel for your gas furnace makes them a very attractive options for our customers seeking to save money on their heating bill.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace uses electrically heated elements to produce heat as opposed to burners powered by natural gas as with a gas furnace. One benefit of an electric furnace is that there is zero chance of problems due to carbon monoxide since none is emitted from a gas furnace. While the energy cost may be slightly higher than a gas furnace, and electric furnace is still a great option for heating in Richmond, heating in Winchester, and the surrounding Kentucky areas.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a highly energy-efficient heating system that can provide both heating and cooling in Richmond by transferring heat outdoors to cool your home during the summer and by bringing in outside air that is electrically heated to bring heat inside in the winter. Heat pump systems work really well in Winchester, Richmond, and our area of Kentucky. A heat pump system is a cost effective solution for heating.

Hybrid HVAC System

A hybrid HVAC system is another energy efficient alternative to traditional HVAC much like a hybrid car is in the automotive world. Hybrid HVAC runs on a duel-fuel setup that delivers home comfort by alternating between an electric heat pump and a fuel-powered furnace. A hybrid HVAC system is able to heat or cool your home in Richmond with no problem and will cut down on your energy bill significantly.

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